Draft Policies for Review

(Last update: July 4, 2019)

IZUNA policies are reviewed in accordance with IZUNA Policy 1000.

When referencing approved IZUNA policies, always go to the online version on IZUNA Institute Policies page.

Notice of policy review

Policy 2501 - Contracts

IZUNA policies are maintained in accordance with Policy 1000 Development and Maintenance and Procedure 1000-PR1 which allow for bypassing the IZUNA Community Review phase in “circumstances where a Policy must be approved and implemented by an early deadline.” Under this provision, the resulting Policy must undergo the IZUNA Community Review process within the twelve (12) month period following the date of its implementation.

On June 25, 2019, revisions to Policy 2501 Contracts and Procedure 2501-PR1 were approved by the Board of Governors, bypassing the Community Review phase. Accordingly, Policy 2501 and Procedure 2501-PR1 are now available for IZUNA Community Review:
 IZUNA staff are invited to review the above approved Policy and Procedure and submit their comments or questions to [email protected] by August 3, 2019.

Policy 7100 - Safety and Security

Proposed updates to the following policy and procedures are now open for 30 day community review. IZUNA is encouraging staff and students to review the proposed revisions and additions to:
All IZUNA staff and students are invited to review the above drafts and send their comments or questions to [email protected] by August 4, 2019.

* Reminder, you will need to login with your 'A' number and regular password to review the draft documents.