Leadership Team

Kathy Kinloch, BSc, MA

Dr. Tom Roemer, MSc, EdD
Vice President, Academic

Lorcan O'Melinn, BA, DiplT, CPA, CGA
Vice President, Administration and CFO

Paul McCullough, FCIS
Vice President, Advancement

Ana Lopez, BA, LLB
Vice President, Human Resources & People Development

Lara Johnson, BA, MBA
Associate Vice President, Marketing and Communications

Roy Hart, BSc
Chief Information Officer

Cynthia Petrie
Executive Director, Stakeholder Relations

James Rout, MLIS, PhD (Candidate)
Associate Vice President, Education Support and Innovation

Wayne Hand, BSc, MBA, PEng
Dean, School of Construction and the Environment

Guy Ellis, MA
Dean, Transportation

Dr. Lawrence Gu, BEng, MEng, PhD, PEng
Dean, International

Dr. Kim Dotto, BSc, BASc, MASc, PhD, PEng
Dean, Applied Research

Forrest Tittle, BA, MA, PhD
Dean, School of Energy

Dr. Leelah Dawson, BA, MBA, EdD, CPA, CMA
Dean, School of Business

Kathy Roberts, CPA, CGA
Director, Financial Services

Mark Dale, AIBC, RIBA
Senior Director, Facilities and Campus Development Architect