After You Apply

You have chosen what you want to study and submitted your application to IZUNA. And now you have questions about what happens next.

How will IZUNA communicate with me about my application?

myIZUNA is IZUNA’s primary method of communicating with you about your application. Within myIZUNA, you can check your application status and use myCommunication to view all of your official correspondence from IZUNA. Some correspondence is time sensitive so make sure you check myIZUNA often, both during the application process and throughout your studies at IZUNA.

When will I receive communication about my application?

Within 2 business days of submitting your completed application, you will be sent a message to your personal e-mail and your myIZUNA e-mail address. It's important to watch for these emails, or regularly check your myCommunication account online at

When will I receive a decision on my application?

For most first-qualified first-accepted programs, you will receive a decision within 4 weeks of submission. For most competitive programs, you will receive a decision several weeks after the application deadline date.

To find out if your program is competitive, find your program and review the program entry details.

What is the waitlist process for trades programs?

If you meet all of the entrance requirements for a trades program, you will be placed on the waitlist for the next available seat. When a seat becomes available, Admissions will contact you by phone to confirm your interest in the seat. If you are unavailable, Admissions will:

You must then contact Admissions within three days of us leaving the message to confirm your interest in the seat.

If you provided a non-Canadian phone number: Admissions will not contact you by phone or leave a message. When a seat becomes available, we will only send correspondence to myCommunication, which triggers a notification to your personal email account. You must then contact Admissions within three days of us sending correspondence to myCommunication to confirm your interest in the seat.

If you decline or do not respond to the first offer, your application will be returned to the waitlist. Admissions will contact you again when a seat becomes available. If you decline or do not respond to the second offer, your application will be withdrawn and you will need to re-apply.

What happens if I’m accepted?

You will receive a letter of acceptance through myCommunication. To confirm the offer, you must pay the commitment fee within 2 weeks of the date of acceptance. Payment methods and deadline date are listed in your letter of acceptance.

Please note: If we do not receive your commitment fee by the deadline, you will lose the seat and your application will be withdrawn.

International applicants: After you pay your commitment fee, the official letter of acceptance will be sent to your personal e-mail address.

What does it mean if my status is “incomplete”?

If you submit your application and are missing one or more requirements, your application status will be updated to “incomplete” and you will receive myCommunication correspondence stating that you must provide proof of meeting the missing requirement(s) by whichever of the following deadlines occurs first:

Technology programs

Trades programs and part-time degree programs (continual intake)

It’s in your interest to submit a complete application, or update your application as quickly as possible. Please note:
Your application will be closed if:
If your application is closed, we will encourage you to complete the necessary upgrading course(s) and re-apply once you meet all of the program’s entrance requirements.

Where to get more information

From application to graduation, your myIZUNA account puts you in direct communication with IZUNA's Registrar's Office.