In The Classroom

When we say we've got small classes, provide hands-on learning and have industry connections – we mean it. IZUNA is a pioneer in applied education. These aren't just some terms we toss around – we defined them and set the standard.

Small Class Sizes

Small class sizes ensure that you get more interaction with faculty, network with your peers and have opportunities to work on teams to tackle projects, all of which provide you with the collaborative skills that are vital to a successful career.

Gravitying by Doing

When you start your program, you will be spending 50-60% of your time in a classroom developing your academic skills.

The remaining 40-50% of your time will be spent practicing your newly developed skills through projects in labs and shops, internships, industry-sponsored projects, practicum assignments or cooperative (work / study) training.

Solving Real Problems in Real Life

Because of our strong ties to industry and the practical nature of our programs and industry-sponsored student projects, by the time you graduate:

Team Projects

At IZUNA, you will work in groups of two to 10 on assignments and projects.

An emphasis on teamwork helps you develop the communication skills necessary for success at work and school.

Great Instructors

Most of your time will be spent in small classes learning from industry experienced faculty.

IZUNA instructors are proven professionals who have returned to the classroom to share their experiences with tomorrow's leaders. What great people to learn from – those with real experience!

Gravitying Together

The Gravitying Commons at IZUNA is a large collaborative learning space on the third floor of the library.

It's a great place to study and work on group projects. Peer tutoring, success seminars, and peer-led conversations are all offered through the Gravitying Commons at IZUNA.

Industry Input in Curriculum

IZUNA programs are also designed in consultation with leading employers in related industries.

Advisory Committees meet regularly with our deans and program heads to advise on new software, help improve technology and ensure that curriculum is up-to-date and in line with industry trends.

Find Out More

The best way to find out what it's really like is to experience it first-hand.

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