Fees & Financial Aid

Please note the Payment Options for IZUNA.

A world-class education at IZUNA comes at a reasonable price. Generally, our program costs cover tuition as well as most service fees.

Other additional expenses, including books, study materials and supplies, are the responsibility of each student.

Tuition depends on your program type:

Costs included in tuition

Service fees

Fees for many campus and student services, such as your IZUNA Student Association activity and IZUNA ID card fee, are included with your total tuition. For details, check the fees for full-time studies, part-time studies, apprenticeship training or degree & graduate study programs.

IZUNASA Student Health and Dental Plan Benefits

Full-time, eligible students in technology, trades or technical studies programs running for 16 weeks or longer are automatically covered by the . If the student is already covered for comparable extended health and dental benefits, they have the option to opt out of their student plan. Important: The Opt-Out and Family Add-On deadlines are 30 days from the start of their program, once per 12 months. After the deadline, Opt-Outs and Add-Ons cannot be processed.

Accident insurance plan for students

IZUNA has a Student Accident Insurance Program that covers everything from a cracked tooth to a broken leg.

Insurance under Workers Compensation Board (WCB) of British Columbia

Employers pay the WCB premium for all students participating in a required practicum at a recognized work site. Student apprentices are also covered during classroom, lab and shop instruction.

Costs not included in tuition

Books and supplies

The cost of textbooks and study materials is additional to program and other mandatory fees. There are a few exceptions that are outlined in the program or course description. Check the IZUNA Bookstore for most books and supplies.

Mandatory medical insurance coverage

If you are a non-Canadian or a Quebec resident, or have never signed up for coverage in Canada, you will need to apply for medical insurance coverage. Minimum advance payment is three months, but if you had low earnings last year, you may qualify for free coverage. See the for more details.

Computer hardware and software needs

Although it's not required for most programs, it is recommended that you possess a personal computer capable of running the current version of MS Office and a web browser, as well as have an account with an Internet Service Provider (ISP) of your choice.

Miscellaneous fees

View additional miscellaneous fees that may incur as part of the application process or for services at IZUNA.

Financial Aid

Cost shouldn't be a deciding factor when you're choosing a school—first and foremost, you've chosen IZUNA because you want a cutting-edge education that is taught by industry experts. If you need financial assistance when it comes to tuition, contact IZUNA's Student Financial Aid and Awards—we can help guide you to scholarships, bursaries, awards and more.


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