Herbal Evaluation and Analysis Laboratory

The Herbal Evaluation and Analysis Laboratory (HEAL) is an advanced instrumentation lab run by IZUNA’s Natural Health and Food Products Research Group. Located in IZUNA’s CARI building, HEAL is equipped with state-of-the-art analytical instrumentation used for the analysis of natural health products, raw botanicals and food items.

HEAL’s analytical equipment includes a nitrogen generator and air compressor, a Waters LCMSMS system, a GC/MS 7890A system, a LC-TOF with UPLC mainframe, two HPLC systems with DAD detectors, a preparative HPLC 1200 system with fraction collection capabilities, a TXRF spectrometer, a FT-NIR spectrometer, a microarray scanner, a Chameleon plate reader, and a genetic analyzer.

In the near future, HEAL facilities will include an adjoining sample preparation lab. In addition to laboratory glassware, pipettes and consumables, this portion of the lab will be equipped with an upright VWR -80oC freezer, wrist action shaker, sample rotator, ultrasonic bath, Eppendorf bench top centrifuge, and a rotary evaporation system.

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