Meet the Team

The MAKE+ advantage lies with our diversity. Our diverse team of engineers, technologists, industrial designers, manufacturing specialists and project managers will conduct and coordinate all aspects of your project from business opportunity assessment through to verification and validation of your product’s performance.

MAKE+ has a sub group called PART that is ISO 13485 (Medical Devices) certified.

Nancy Paris, MASc PEng
Director MAKE+ and PART

Nancy Knaggs, AScT
PART Program Head

Thom Bellaire, Dipl.T.
PART Research Analyst

Lisa Boulton
PART Research Associate (Industrial Design)

Rory Dougall

Research Assistant

Judy Findlay, MASc, PEng
PART Project Leader

Sara Frederking, Dipl.T.
PART Research Analyst

Matt Greig, Dipl.T., Btech
PART Research Associate (Photovoltaics)

Nigel Halsted, Dipl.T., BTech, MBA
PART Project Leader

Ernie Janzen, TQ, IP
PART Trade Researcher

Yvette Jones, PhD
PART Project Leader (Biomechanics, Human Kinetics)

Johanne Mattie, MASc
Research Associate (Biomedical Engineering)

Silvia Raschke, PhD
Project Leader (Orthopaedic and Assistive Devices)

Gord Thiessen, Dipl.T., B.Ed.
PART Project Leader (Mechanical)

Angie Wong, BSc
Research Analyst (Electrical Engineering)

If you have a technical question or problem, or a potential project in mind, ask a MAKE+ research expert.