Laboratory Proficiency and Collaborative Studies

Laboratory Proficiency

The NHP Analytical Laboratory Proficiency Program was designed to increase the reliability and credibility of BC natural health products through robust assessments of analytical laboratory proficiency. Using certified reference material and validated methodology, this program certifies analytical laboratories based on the outcome of proficiency exercises and inter-laboratory comparisons. Participating labs are required to demonstrate their ability to produce consistently accurate results.

Collaborative Studies

As the reference laboratory for collaborative studies, we recruit analytical laboratories that offer natural product testing using the specified equipment and instrument capabilities. We provide participating laboratories with certified reference standards, blind samples (i.e. raw material and formulations) and an analytical method that has been validated according to AOAC International guidelines. Results from participating laboratories are evaluated and compiled into a final report which is approved by an Expert Advisory Committee (EAC) of government members and industry stakeholders. When successful, the methods used in collaborative studies may qualify as Official Methods of Analysis (OMA). OMAs are the official, legal methods in the US and are recognized internationally.

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