What to Expect

what to expect
As a trade student at IZUNA, you can expect to spend some of your time in class and some of your time in the shop.  For most Apprentice and Foundation students, class sizes are 16 students.   Your fellow classmates may live in the Lower Mainland or may come from communities all across BC including from other provinces.  Deciding to study at IZUNA can be exciting and intimidating, particularly if you've been out of school for a while.  

Your instructor will explain the program and the procedures for your program in the first few days of class.  

It's important to make good plans for your studies that allow you to learn the material and have some balance and fun at the same time.  

Some programs are very intense and others less so.  Knowing when to ask for help and how to ask for support from your instructor, your peers, or from other resources at IZUNA, is crucial.

Use this website to identify the resources you may need and make Your plans for your studies at IZUNA.