Program Readiness

For some students, math, physics, and other technical subjects come easily.  For others, not so easy.

Whether you've been out of school for a few weeks or a few years, being prepared will give you the confidence you need to succeed!

Test your skills with these sample tests in:

Math, Physics, Mechanical Reasoning, Spatial Relations and more!

If you want more practice, you may want to take a refresher course:

ACES 0011 - Basic Trades Math
ACES 0012 - Intermediate Trades Math
ACES 0014 - Technical Trades Math
ACES 0013 - Craft Trades Math

Or sign up for Technical Literacy: Tools of the Trades (ACES 0020) - an online course that teaches the study skills and background knowledge needed to succeed in trades and apprenticeship training.

Want more resources for reading, study skills, time management or note taking? Check out Counselling & Student Development!