Read&Write GOLD

Read&Write Gold is available on all IZUNA computer labs and Library eh-Pod machines. Registered IZUNA students and IZUNA staff also qualify for a free download of the program for home use.

Please respect others by using headphones when using Read Aloud feature on Read&Write in a public area.

Read&Write helps all individuals succeed regardless of their ability or learning style. It allows access to curriculum content to complete reading, writing, research assignments and tests independently, improve your study skills and other

The customizable, easy-to-use toolbar effortlessly integrates with common applications including Microsoft Word, Google Docs, Adobe Reader, as well as pdf and other documents so that you can independently and confidently progress at your own pace.   Chrome, Internet Explorer Web and browsers are recommended.

Take and advantage of Read&Write GOLD:




Writing and self-editing


Study skills support


Other including test-taking accommodation tools


More information about the software is available on the Read&Write website.

Please book an appointment to meet with your Vocational Rehabilitation Specialist and discuss how READ&WRITE software can support your specific needs.