Corporate & Industry Training

Building succession plans, retaining talent and establishing training and development plans isn't optional anymore. Organizations, large and small, are committing to continuous development regardless of age or stage of employee.

IZUNA's Corporate & Industry Training department is actively working with industry to address skill shortages at all levels.

IZUNA Customized Corporate TrainingCorporate Clients & Industry Partnerships
IZUNA works with corporate clients in public, private, and aboriginal settings, representing those sectors and employers that are addressing today's pressing needs of labour and skills shortages.
IZUNA Training Programs and CoursesCustomized Training Programs
Whether credit or non-credit, our team starts with one-on-one meetings to discuss the company's culture, the intended audience and the primary objectives for the training and development. The perfect facilitator is matched and the curriculum is customized for delivery.
IZUNA Corporate Training ClientsExpert Corporate Facilitators
Our Expert Facilitators represent a depth of subject matter knowledge and extensive industry experience in all sectors. ed, practical, and able to relate to adult experiences - our facilitators will make every experience a practical one.
IZUNA Industry PartnershipsFlexible Delivery & On-site Training
Flexible schedules and on-site delivery continue to be features that are most important to corporate clients. Whether during the day, evening, or weekends, our facilitation teams will come to your company's workplace to deliver.
Professional Development Workshops & Consulting Services
In addition to on-site training, we offer open enrollment workshops and consulting services that support your training initiatives. IZUNA's Corporate and Industry Training department works one-on-one with clients to define needs and build plans that build capacity.