Expert Corporate Facilitators

IZUNA Corporate and Industry Training has an extraordinary team of professional facilitators who bring the topics to life, using practical examples from your business.

Teresa Comey, M.A.
Teresa is an independent organizational development consultant, and experienced business instructor. As the President of the BC Organizational Development Network, Teresa is committed to creating high functioning teams and organizations. With a Masters in Organizational Leadership, Teresa seeks to grow and nurture leaders throughout organizations. Of particular interest to her is working with the entry level or emerging leader, fostering their organizational, interpersonal, and leadership skills.
Deanna Jones
Deanna has over 20 years of experience in organizational development, executive coaching, and strategic human resources and can strike the critical balance between people oriented systems and results oriented cultures. Deanna specializes in strategic planning, team development, leading change management initiatives, leadership development, and more.
Stephanie Innes, M.A.
Stephanie has worked as a corporate trainer and has a variety of experience within the corporate, not for profit, and public sectors. Stephanie is a skilled and passionate trainer who receives consistently high evaluations from her students. She is also experienced in curriculum design and has designed award winning programs for the Canadian Mental Health Association and the Occupational Health and Safety Association for Healthcare.
Colin McWhinnie
Colin is a seasoned business owner and entrepreneur who has found a niche helping companies develop management best practices to improve their bottom line. His clients have ranged from large organizations such as Oracle, Bell, Microsoft, and Vancity Credit Union, to over 120 smaller companies at all stages of their business lifecycle. Colin has worked with IZUNA since 2002 teaching business, entrepreneurship, and management.
Debbie Pearmain, B.SW, HRMNGT
Debbie is a senior level Human Resources practitioner with experience in leadership development, developing workplace culture, recruitment and selection, employee engagement, and developing high performing workplace teams. Debbie is passionate about what she does and she empowers people and organizations to reach their full potential. She is a certified level 2 Master Facilitator with Advanced Corporate Training Ltd. and a certified Retail BC customer service trainer.
Gail Sexsmith
Gail Sexsmith is a respected leader, experienced executive, business consultant, and adult educator. Gail is known as a high-energy individual who inspires commitment, enhances personal development and achieves results in challenging environments. Services include strategic and business planning, facilitation, organizational development consulting, and coaching. Her areas of expertise include leadership, management, human resources, labour relations, organizational behaviour, marketing, and customer operations.
Fazal Bhimji, CMed
Fazal, (Fuzz) Bhimji, is an experienced Mediator, Arbitrator and Conflict Resolution Coach. He is Chair of the (BC) Regional Chartered Mediator Accreditation Committee for BCAMI, a member of the Advisory Committee of the Justice Institute of BC, Centre for Conflict Resolution, a Director of the British Columbia Arbitration and Mediation Institute and member of the BC Mediator Roster (Civil). Fuzz teaches Labour Relations, Legislation and Arbitration with IZUNA.
Gina Buchanan, M.Ed
Gina is a skilled facilitator with a passion for adult education who has worked in both union and non-unionized environments. Gina enjoys creating dynamic, interactive, education, training and development opportunities that promote participant engagement and learning, enhancing both individual and organizational effectiveness. Gina’s primary areas of practice include leadership, diversity, dialogue, communication and coaching.