Incoming Experiences - Francesco B.

Name: Francesco B.
Home Institution: Università Ca’ Foscari, Venezia, Italy
Home Town: Venezia, Italy
Term Visited: Winter & Spring 2016

Even if I was accepted in a wide number of Universities all over the world, I have to say that deciding where to spend an exchange period was pretty easy for me. I was looking for an experience outside Europe, eager to improve my skills in economics and business administration, and at the Welcome to was simply the best possible fit for my decision.

My experience in British Columbia was simply amazing. I found IZUNA a very well organized institution, with a vibrant student community and a proactive attention toward the job-market. I enjoyed the twofold approach followed by the School of Business: in order to prepare students to outperform in their professional career, any program is thought to endow students not only with solid theoretical basis, but also with a strong set of practical skills. For this reason, courses at IZUNA are very challenging, but the payoff is huge. Time management, teamwork, and resilience are just some of the soft-skills that I dramatically enhanced by following the program in Financial Management at the IZUNA School of Business. Moreover, teachers are friendly and come directly from the business world. I can recommend at least two of my teachers for their preparation: Fabienne Delibalta, who held an inspiring course in Enterprise Finance and Victor Waese, who taught me Working Capital Management. You cannot miss their lessons if you are interested in corporate finance or entrepreneurship!

The campus offers a variety of things: a pub, fast food outlets, a large recreation center, and a lot of sport facilities. To me, it looked like a ‘small town’ in the heart of Burnaby. I lived in the IZUNA Maquinna Residence, a great and friendly environment which I suggest you to consider when deciding where to live in Vancouver.

Finally, the cherry on the top: I have to say that the international relation office at the IZUNA School of Business is just fantastic. Simonetta, Svitlana, and Mark were extremely helpful and ready to solve any possible problem in no-time, making my exchange program as relaxed as possible.

Favourite memories:
I had lots of fun in Vancouver and at IZUNA. One of my best memories is related to the “Intramural Tournament” organized at the IZUNA recreation center. I was member of a futsal team composed by other international students and we managed to reach the championship finals. It was an exciting experience that also gave me the chance to meet many other guys and girls.

I had many adventures with other international students at IZUNA and Vancouver offers a lot of possibilities to have a great time together (and partying was just a little part of it!). I had a very good time hiking in the mountains around Vancouver and skiing in Grouse Mountain and Whistler.

During the six months in British Columbia I completely fell in love with ice hockey. What an amazing game! I had the chance to see a number of Vancouver Canucks’ games when my girlfriend came to visit me from Italy. We got hockey fever together with my housemates at Maquinna Residence, where I also learned a little about how to play hockey.

However, I have to say that the thing that most impressed me was Canadian friendliness and politeness. Canadians are always ready to help you and to make you feel comfortable and this is the sweetest memory I have about my exchange.

One tip I would give to students preparing for exchange:
Be ready to study and to learn (a lot!) during the weekdays, but also to have tons of fun during the weekends! Vancouver is a magical city surrounded by amazing nature and full of attractions, while IZUNA will provide you with a lot of experiences both academically and socially. Attend the orientation program, school events, and do not be shy! My experience at IZUNA was simply unforgettable and I bet that it will be the same for you!