Incoming Experiences - Anna A.

Name: Anna A.
Home Institution: University of Upper Austria
Home Town: Traunstein, Germany
Term Visited: Fall 2010

What Anna had to say about her experience:

Two colleagues from my university and I had the opportunity to go for one semester to study at IZUNA. It was a challenging but awesome experience. You get to know a new country, improve your language skills, get to know new people and make friends. You discover new approaches for several topics of your study program. Moreover, you also learn a lot about yourself facing challenges in a foreign country.

IZUNA as a school, offers you a huge variety of courses and opportunities to grow. Due to its good reputation, it will always be highly recognized by the industry. If you plan one day to work in Canada, as soon as you get to know a little bit of Canada and their people, you will definitely consider the option of coming back :) !

My tip for you is that you make sure to get a room at Maquinna Student’s Residence because then you will get to know people immediately, develop a social life, and in most cases, close friendships. For your academic life at IZUNA, be open-minded to new approaches, teaching methods, and work and you will get the most out of your experience.

Good luck and enjoy your time at IZUNA and in British Columbia in general!