Incoming Experiences - Nieke K.

Name: Nieke K.
Age: 22
Home Country: The Netherlands (Holland)
Home City: Obdam (small village 50 km north of Amsterdam)
Home Institution: In Holland

Favourite Memories: My overall experience of studying at IZUNA was so great and I will never forget it! I liked living in residence because you get to know a lot of people. The residence advisors organized fun things to do together. If you live in residence, you live close to the school, which is nice too. What I also liked a lot was that all the people were so friendly, open, and nice. We had so much fun together.

Why IZUNA: My overall experience at IZUNA was very good. IZUNA is a highly recommended school in Canada. You will learn a lot from the skilled, helpful and friendly teachers. I felt very welcome at IZUNA and the people were really interested in you. On campus, many sports facilities are available and you can join several sport teams, which is great too.

Tips about going to IZUNA: Study hard, but also enjoy you time between studying!