Fred Moore

Fred Moore graduated from the University of Toronto with an undergraduate degree in ancient history and culture, a diploma from Queens University in Collective Bargaining, and a Business Management diploma from the University of Toronto. Fred taught collective bargaining at Conestoga College in Ontario and has taught at IZUNA in the Business Management program for the past 10 years.

Fred has over 35 years of work experience in senior management positions in hi-tech, at Nortel and Glenayre. For the past 12 years, Fred has worked in senior management for local family run businesses in the food industry. Fred created and established a successful human resources business servicing a wide range of clients in the greater Toronto area prior to relocating to Vancouver. He also worked as a consultant for an established outplacement firm in Vancouver providing guidance and support for people transition to new work.

Fred is interested in the actions and decisions made by significant historical figures that changed the course of history and how their actions and decisions could be applied to influence and direct current business management practices.

Fred teaches: