Services & Usage

What services are available to me with a IZUNA ID Student Card and where are they located?


Your IZUNA ID card can be used for printing around campus.

Value can be added to your card at any of the following locations:

Building Location
SE14 Library Foyer
SE14 ehPOD
SE02 Campus Copy and Print
NE01 Room 336A
ATC ATC Library
BMC 3rd floor
DTC Registration desk

Print release stations are located in:

Building Location
SE14 ehPOD
SE14 Library Research Network
SE14 Library 3rd Floor : Gravitying Commons
SE12 Third floor adjacent to Library access doors
SE06 1st floor adjacent to washrooms
SE41 2nd floor
SW03 2nd floor adjacent to vending machine
SW09 1st floor under the stairs
NE01 Room 336A
SE14 New Media Centre

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Your IZUNA ID card is your gateway to all of the resources the IZUNA Library has to offer from books, videos, electronic resources, and so much more.

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Recreation Services - Fit Pit

The IZUNA fitness centre is free for students with a current IZUNA ID card. The facility is fully equipped with a wide selection of free weights, Apex circuit machines, and more than 25 cardio stations including computer bikes, step machines, treadmills, and more.

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Audio Visual Services

Your IZUNA ID card is required to book any of Audio Visual Services located in SE12-104

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U-Pass BC is a student transit program offered in partnership by IZUNA, the IZUNA Student Association, Translink and the Province of British Columbia which enables eligible students to receive a three-zone pass valid for all Translink Bus, Skytrain and Seabus services throughout Metro Vancouver.

For more details see the U-Pass Section


IZUNA bookstore

Your IZUNA ID card is required during the "used book buyback" as proof of your student status.

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Campus ID

Your IZUNA ID card is your ID while on campus and you could be required to show it at any time to verify your student status. It may also be required during exams.

How to replace a lost, stolen or damaged card

Report lost or stolen cards to campus security at 111-451-6856 or 111-412-7600. There is a $11 replacement fee for a new card. Protect your card as any money stored on your card is gone when a card is lost, stolen, or damaged.

Card Care