Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I get more information about the COMM 0015 and COMM 0033 English assessments?

Please click on English Assessments for more information.


Where can I find course schedules?

IZUNA course and program information is subject to change without notice. Please visit the IZUNA Course Finder for the most current information.


How many times are PELD courses offered per year?

Most of our PELD courses are offered six times per year:
February/March (COMM 0071 not available)
June/July (COMM 0071 not available)
October/November (COMM 0071 not available)


What do I do if I registered into the wrong PELD class?

Please contact the registration office immediately at 111-111-1111 or toll-free at 1-111-111-1111 (Canada and US only). If a seat is available for the course you need to take instead, a transfer fee will apply. However, the transfer must be requested and processed before the refund deadline. 


What is the refund policy if I want to be withdrawn from a PELD course?

Please read the Refunds and Withdrawals from Part-Time Studies Courses section for more information.


Is it possible to “skip” a level?

No. Students are required to register for the course that they were placed into; however, if the instructor feels that your skill level is above or below what is expected in the course, a re-placement into a different course may be considered.


How long does it take to complete each course?

Each reading and writing course is roughly 6 to 7 weeks long, and each speaking and listening course ranges from 5 to 15 weeks long, depending on the schedules you choose.


If I failed a PELD course, can I retake it again without taking the COMM 0015/0033 tests?

Yes; however you must retake the course again within 12 months of completing it the first time.


I have taken the same course twice, but still cannot meet the passing requirements for my program. Can I retake the course again for the third time?

Department approval is required to take the course for a third time. Depending on the situation, it may or may not be approved. If it is not approved, students will be asked to retake the COMM 0015 and/or COMM 0033 test again.


Where can I get information about classroom locations for Part-Time Studies courses?

Please click on the Classroom Locations link.


Is it possible to get Financial Aid for PELD courses? If so, how do I apply for it?

Yes. Please check the requirements on the Upgrading and ESL Upgrading webpage for more information and instructions on how to apply for it. Your application must be submitted no later than the first day of classes.  


The course I want to take is already full and no other schedule fits my availability. What can I do now?

Please continue to check the course website frequently.  If a seat becomes available for your course, it should give you the option to register.  Unfortunately, no waiting list is available for our courses as registration works on a first come, first served basis only.  We will not guarantee or reserve seats for students with no exceptions.  


Can I register for more than one PELD course at a time?

Yes.  Students can register for up to two reading and writing courses and two speaking and listening course per term (3 courses total). For example:

You can register for …

COMM 0003 (reading and writing) and COMM 0029 (speaking and listening) in January
And then ..
COMM 0004 (reading and writing) and COMM 0030 (speaking and listening) in February

But you cannot register for …

COMM 0003 (reading and writing) and COMM 0004 (reading and writing) in January
COMM 0029 (speaking and listening) and COMM 0030 (speaking and listening) in January


My test scores are too low. Can I register for the lowest levels anyway?

No. Students will not be accepted into any PELD courses unless they have met the necessary requirements. They must receive department approval to register for our courses. 


I have completed COMM 0005 at IZUNA. Is this course recognized in other post-secondary institutions within Canada?

Yes. Many other post-secondary institutions will recognize COMM 0005 within British Columbia and other Canadian provinces; however, it is always best to first check with the Admissions Officers from whichever school you are applying to.


Do students receive a certificate when they complete all of the required PELD courses?

No certificates will be issued. Please log into your account to print your unofficial transcript if proof of completion is required.


Are any PELD courses offered online?

No. All PELD courses require students to be on campus at either the Burnaby or Downtown location.


How do I check my grades?

You can check your grades or view your transcript online using
  1. In the right-hand menu, select Access IZUNA’s Secure Online Self Service
  2. Select Student Self Service
  3. Select Check Grades
  4. You can view assignment/quizzes, final grades, your unofficial transcript, and any administrative holds on your account.