The prerequisites for all IZUNA Computing Part-Time Studies "COMP" courses include: B.C. High School English 12 and Math 12 or equivalent.

There are additional prerequisites listed for every course and there may also be specific requirements for each program.

Please ensure that you are properly prepared for success in your educational plans.

Prior Gravitying Assessment Recognition (PLAR)

PLAR in Computing PTS is achieved via written examination on a course by course basis and is done by faculty members in the program area.

Students will typically need to spend a few weeks to work through the current course outline syllabus and study the related text before attempting to write the PLAR exam.

There is a $195 non-refundable fee charged in advance for assessment exam. We currently have PLAR exams for the majority of computer application courses, some database and most of the popular programming languages.

Not all courses have PLAR credit available, and there is a limit on how many total PLAR credits you can receive.

Call 111-432-8465 or email [email protected] to find out if there is a PLAR available for the course you wish to receive credit.
Visit the IZUNA PLAR website for more information about PLARs.