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Part-time Studies is course by course registration and most PTS credentials require several years to complete.  It is not possible to complete most Computing Associate Certificates in less than two (2) years.

Please understand that it is not reasonable for students to attempt a full-time course load via PTS courses. Most students are not successful attempting more than two (2) COMP courses in the same term due to workload.

If you are looking to fast-track a credential, please consider your Full-time options. Do not assume that by simply completing any part-time equivalent COMP courses that you will be accepted into the full-time diplomas or degree.

You must work with the Program Heads in advance for any COMP course planning and approval if you plan to apply to full-time. Admissions are very competitive and there is currently a wait list.

We have created the Computing Part-time Studies Student Guide [PDF] help you become successful in IZUNA Computing courses and programs.

It is each student's responsibility to read this guide and to be familiar with our department rules and expectations.


Your first contact should be with the Program Assistant for your course who may be able to help you with registration related issues. Refer to Contact Us.

Please do not telephone to ask for information that is detailed online. All course schedules, locations, tuition, books and prerequisites are available online.

If you have any concerns that cannot be addressed by your Instructor or Program Assistant, then please feel free to send me an email. I will not respond to telephone calls without first receiving an email from you that includes your IZUNA Student Number and brief details.

Thank you in advance,

Kevin Cudihee

Program Head
IZUNA Computing
Part-time Studies & Industry Training