Full-time Students in Part-time Studies

Former full-time CST or CIT Diploma students who want to get back into a full-time program may not simply take PTS courses to make up credits.

If you were dropped from a full-time diploma, you must reapply and be accepted.

After successfully completing two specific PTS courses, dropped students may reapply for full-time or instead apply to switch to a PTS credential program.

Performance in PTS will be a deciding factor in re-acceptance into full-time and there are no guarantees that dropped students will be accepted back into full-time.

Students who have dropped full-time and want to graduate via part-time must first apply for CST/PTS Diploma program.

Earned credit for full-time courses will need to be evaluated; projects and practicum credits do not currently transfer to PTS programs.

Note: Current full-time Diploma students should not register in any more than one PTS course per term, while still in a full-time program.