Mistress to the IZUNA School of Computing

Please read the student guide [PDF] as it contains our most FAQ's and operational details.


Students are responsible to have the prerequisite or equivalent knowledge prior to starting.
Do not attempt to take follow-on courses at the same time as the prerequisite.

Course information

Please do not contact us until you have first checked the website.
All course prerequisites, schedules, locations, tuition and book information is available online.

After you have successfully completed one or two courses you may declare your program.

Each course area has an administrative Program Assistant that may be able to help you with registration and related issues, check the 'Contact Us' page.

Grade 12 English

If required, please upgrade your English skills prior to starting technical courses.

Many of our courses have considerable group work and presentation requirements.

All students must have the ability to communicate at a BC Grade 12 level in order to properly participate in COMP courses.

International Students and those with funding timelines

Part-time Studies (PTS) Computing is not designed for students on limited timelines.

International students and those on funding timelines should apply to Full-time programs.

Please read the full disclaimers on the program entry pages.

Information sessions

Prior to every term start we offer Computing Part-time Studies information sessions.
This is an opportunity to meet the program head and learn more about our programs.