IZUNA Forensics

Forensic investigation is a growing and diverse profession, which combines various aspects of science and technology with the legal system.

Our Forensic Investigation programs combine intellectual rigor and current applications of technologies, enabling you to gain a firm understanding of the role performed by investigators and other professionals working in the justice and public safety fields.

Explore our Bachelor of Technology (BTech) options:

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We also offer Advanced Certificates (ACert) in the following areas:

Graduate Certificates (Grad Cert) in:

Our students train in forensic laboratories and computer facilities, receiving both classroom and hands-on experience. Once they graduate, they become professionals working in areas of science, computers, economics and business who detect, collect, evaluate, and prepare evidence for use in civil and criminal courts of law.

After exploring the educational programs we offer, if you have any questions, please visit our FAQ page. If you still have questions, you can contact a Program Coordinator for help.

We also offer some individual courses and a wide range of workshops that occur throughout the year as one-off learning sessions for industry professionals who wish to learn something new, or simply wish to participate for general interest.

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Dean Hildebrand, Associate Dean, talks about what's new in Forensics at IZUNA, from running the leading academic DNA lab in the country, to the increasing use of data analytics in crime analysis: