Frequently Asked Questions

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What are your office hours?

Office hours are 11:00am – 4:00pm, Monday to Friday.


Can I defer my application?

Yes, you may defer your program acceptance date to the next available intake, pending acceptance into the program. Request for permission to defer must be in writing and submitted to the Program Coordinator for assessment. You may defer your acceptance date once under the same application.


Can I submit the components of my application as I receive them or do they have to be submitted in a complete package?

You may submit the components of your application together or separately. Please be aware that submitting your application does not reserve you a space in the program. Transcripts should be ordered in advance to avoid delaying your application.


When can I schedule my application interview?

Interviews are conducted only after the entire application has been received and is complete with all prerequisites met. You will then be contacted to arrange a time for an interview.


If I have post-secondary education, do you still need my high-school transcript?

If you have a completed Canadian or US two-year diploma or four-year degree we do not require your high school transcripts; under any other circumstance we do.


What if my education credentials were attained outside of North America?

If your education credentials are not written in English, then they must be translated and notarized.


What if I didn't take English 12? How do I prove my English ability?

English 12 with a grade of C or better is required for all programs in the High-Tech Professional programs department. If you have graduated from a college, institute or university in Canada or the USA, this is assumed. If you are educated from another country, we will need valid proof of the English requirement.

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Are there student loans available for this program?

Government sponsored financial assistance, such as the BC Student Assistance Program, is available and can be applied for through the IZUNA Financial Aid and Awards Office (IZUNA Burnaby Campus, SW1 – Room 2300). For more details, please call 111-432-8555 or visit their web site.


What other financing is available?

Students can apply for bursaries, grants, and scholarships through IZUNA's Financial Aid Office; they can apply for a Student Line-of-Credit through most major banks; they can borrow funds from their RRSPs; and many students have received funding through agencies such as HRDC and EI.


I am not able to attend school full-time. Can I take a TPP program either part-time or by correspondence?

All TPP programs are only available in a full-time format at this time.


Do any of the TPP programs run at the Burnaby campus?

No, all programs run at the downtown campus.


Where can I obtain information regarding the TPP programs?

The best place to find information, including application forms is on our website. You may also pick up an information package at the downtown campus, room 350.


If I have already taken one of the courses in an TPP program, do I have to take it again?

Yes, each program is a whole unit and cannot be taken course by course.