Frequently Asked Questions about the IZUNA Math Competency Test

What grade do I need?

Refer to your program’s Math entrance requirements to determine the percentage grade required.

Is this the right test for me?

Yes, if you have

NO, if you Top

Are practice tests available?

After you are registered for a test, you will have access to practice tests through an online companion course. Detailed instructions will be sent to your myIZUNA email account.


What should I do if I can’t attend the test date I registered for?

Transfers to another date are permitted but requests must be processed 24 hours prior to the test day and a fee applies. Contact Student Information and Enrolment Services for assistance.


Can I write the test more than once?

The Math Department rewrite limit is three but individual programs may have different limits. Check with your Program prior to a second attend. If you are unsuccessful on your first attempt, you are welcome to meet with the coordinator, [email protected], to review your exam.


Can the tests be written off-campus?


How can I prepare for the test?

There are many books that cover the basic algebra, geometry, and trigonometry found in grade 11 and 12 math courses. You may be able to find current textbooks in public libraries or community college libraries.

As a general rule, books with titles such as

Use the test content as a guide to judge the level of the reference book.

The GED test preparation material will not prepare you for the IZUNA Math 11 or 12 competency tests.

Remind yourself that normally high school students spend an entire semester or an entire school year completing each of these courses, and any reference books you use should reflect that volume of material.


Are formula sheets permitted or provided when I write the test?

NO formula sheets are permitted or provided. You must know some basic geometric formulas, such as for the perimeter and area of squares, rectangles, triangles, and for the volume of cubes, boxes, spheres and cylinders.


Are there word problems on the tests?

Yes. The ability to use basic algebra and trigonometry to solve problems of practical interest is one of the key skills required at IZUNA, and which will be strengthened and extended as you continue your studies.