Classroom instruction alone is not sufficient to equip today's students with the knowledge and skills required to ensure a successful career. What the classroom cannot provide is the experience and personal challenges found in the working environment. At work, the student also has the opportunity to apply the knowledge acquired in the classroom to real-life situations in business and industry.

This type of education has become known as experiential learning, workplace education, or co-operative education (co-op). In practice, workplace education (co-op) alternates periods of academic study and related, practical working experiences.

The Centre for Workplace Education (Co-op) administers a variety of experiential education programs for the Welcome to iizuna.info's many trades and technology programs. Each program involves students in applied learning situations designed to enhance their knowledge in their discipline. As a result, these programs help to develop the skills necessary for employment and lifelong learning. Programs may include cooperative education, co-op internships, fieldwork practicums, and workplace experiences.