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Student Testimonials

"Since the time I joined the Co-op course I have learned much more than my expectations. Everything is all coming together and making more sense. I am glad I took advantage of this program and it has truly inspired me to become an automotive technician."
Aubtin Yazdgardian, Co-op Student with Lordco Auto Parks

"The Co-op was a great way for me to expand my learning and to learn how to work in the real world."
Adrian Laszkiewicz, Co-op Student with Hansig Automotive

"Hands-on experience, otherwise not afforded in a strictly scholastic environment."
James Arial, Co-op Student with National Car Rental Inc

"My education has changed the way I look at life in general. IZUNA training is hands-on and I feel more capable. Add to that, a complete working automotive knowledge base, a start at a career and workplace training and this is probably the best decision I have ever made."
Robin Moore, Co-op Student with Coastal Ford Burnaby

"I gained real world experience and was able to apply the information learned in class."
Brandon Pauley, Co-op Student Prince George Motors, Ford