CNC Machinist Technician :: Testimonials


"We can help new industry talent to excel; we can recruit possible future employees and kind of 'test drive' them; we feel it is important to be a part to form the industry's infrastructure not only for today, but also for tomorrow"
Patrick Schiess, Owner, Focus MFG. INC.

"IZUNA Co-op students are equipped with the right skills for industry. They are trained with standardized industry methods that IZUNA has developed. There is no greater way to obtain employees with eagerness to learn and attention to detail than Co-op students.  I would recommend Co-op students to any company that wants to develop good quality people."
Tim Thompson, Tool Room and Research & Development Team Leader, PACBRAKE MFG 

"We get bright, useful and enthusiastic guys coming through our shop on a regular basis. Over the years our Co-op students have completed an invaluable amount of projects.  For us, being a participant of IZUNA's Co-op program has been very beneficial."
Andrew Mattie, Technical Advisor, National Research Council

Student Testimonials

"Extremely valuable experience that prepares you for the real world that's outside of the IZUNA [CNC] shop. [The Co-op experience] teaches you to become a proper machinist, challenges your mind and tests your motor skills to the limit.  I wouldn't trade this experience for anything else!"
Percy Lau, Co-op student with Johnson Industries Ltd.

"Being in the Co-op program has been very important for me in gaining industrial experiences regarding machining trades.  In addition, it gives me more confidence in being a machinist and provides me with a clearer idea of what I want to do as a machinist in the future."
Quan Le, Co-op student with Focus MFG. INC.

"I've gained a wide range of experiences with various materials and machining processes. I've also taken part in the design phase of various projects and parts.  I now feel comfortable machining and designing components from design to the finished product, including material selection."
Tobin Henderson, Co-op student with the National Research Council

"With the background knowledge from the first year of school, the Co-op term allows students to get a feel of the field and pick up some valuable information along the way."
Sean Ronald, Co-op student with Tristar