Carpool With Colleagues

The road to work driving you crazy? Gas prices leaving you fuming? Carpooling is a simple way to take part in an alternate means of commuting that reduces traffic congestion and greenhouse gases, saves money and lowers stress. Still not convinced? How does helping those who have limited access to public transportation get to where they need to go, having the time to get to know your neighbour, getting a chance to make new friends and network, catching up on reading/sleeping suit you? We got you with that extra sleep one, didn't we!

IZUNA actively supports SOV-free (single-occupancy vehicle) commutes. So buckle up and give it a go using some of the resources listed below.

The Basics

There's more to carpooling than just hopping into the next passing vehicle. Here are a few basics to consider before jumping into the (car)pool. Be sure to find out:

Resources and Helpful Links

So, how the heck does one go about finding a carpool partner? Check out these popular (and free!) commuter-matching sites:

Get Going

Start talking to your colleagues and friends to find out if they travel the same time and direction you do. Commitment issues? Try carpooling one day a week or for special events just to see if you like it.

Do a little or do a lot; every trip makes a difference!