Surnames Starting with K & L

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Name Year Current Employer
Kaltenbacher, Eadie 2003 Kitsap County
Kazemi, Farhad 2001 Central Lincoln PUD
Herd, Emily see Keane, Emily 1998  
Keats, Kevin 2000 Alberta Land & Forest Service
Keeler, Candace 2007 Canadian Discovery Ltd
Kefalas, Eleni 2001  
Kelly, Brianna  2015  TransGas Limited 
Kemble, Chris 1993 Alberta-Pacific Forest Industries
Kengaiah, Kasinathan 1995 SGIS I-Net Sdn. Bhd.
Kennedy, Dan  2000  Fraser Health 
Kennedy, Paul 1995 Macdonald Dettwiler and Associates
Kennes, Kay 1998 DFO - Habitat & Enhancement
Kho, Angel 2006 Adriana Resources Inc.
Kjerulf, Ann 1999 CitySpaces Consulting
Kobliuk, Tammy 1996 City of St. Albert, Alberta
Koenig, Sean 1999 Eagle County Government GIS Dept.
Koo, Patrick 2003 Genus Resource Management Technologies Inc.
Kosior, Magda
Tesera Systems
Kuo, Kenneth 1994 Outreach Canada
Kwok, Wayne 2003 E-Flora
Ladouceur, Allan 1993 Weyerhaeuser
Lagasse, Matthew
Geological Survey of Canada - Natural Resources Canada
Lau, Billy
2013 City of Coquitlam
Lee, Daniel 2002 City of Long Beach
Lee, Christy (Ye Jin)
2005 GoldFields, Inc (Atlanta, GA)
Lee, Heidi
RCMP E Division - Information Branch
Lee, Lucy 1997 Crestbrook Forest Industries Ltd.
Lermusieaux, Pierre
1990 Earth-To-Map GIS Inc. (Ottawa, ON)
Leung, Ives (Chun Yin) 2015  BC Hydro 
Licker, Aaron
2006 Holland Barrs Planning Group
Lilley, Robert 2000 GE Smallworld (Canada)
Lin, Ben 2007 ESRI Redlands California
Link, Jennifer 1997 The Omega Group, San Diego, CA
Lockhart, Elisa 1999 GIS Southwest Inc.
Lord, Ken 2003 BCG Engineering Inc.
Long, Steven 1998 Shell
Lowe, Julie (Ha) 1997 Environmental Systems Research Institute
Lucas, Nicole 2007 BC Hydro
Luk, Rowena 1999 Bank of Montreal
Lum, Neyton 1994 City of Calgary
Luo, Bing 2005 ILMB
Lutke, Brian 2000 Resort Municipality of Whistler
Lynch, Cheryl 1998 Fisheries and Oceans Canada - HEB