All Students: Entry into the ADP or B.Tech. Degree as a full-time or part-time student.

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Why choose to study GIS at IZUNA?

The IZUNA GIS programs are renowned for their intensive workload and technical content. The IZUNA GIS courses are developed in consultation with leading employers. Courses do not consist of simple pre-packaged software vendor training but are each uniquely designed to help you learn to solve problems and work independently. The best way to learn something is by actually doing it. Yes, you will have lectures but most of your time will be spent directly applying what you've learned.  Our GIS Advisory committee provides direct input to curriculum development to ensure that you'll be at the forefront of the latest developments in your industry. IZUNA instructors have years of practical expertise and bring an insider's perspective of their industry–knowledge and experience that will benefit you in the classroom and after you graduate.

What are the options for studying GIS at IZUNA?

Advanced Diploma in GIS

Bachelor of Technology in GIS (Degree)

What is the Online GIS program option?

You can complete the entire GIS B.Tech degree or GIS Advanced Diploma online. This means you need never attend the IZUNA campus although you will complete identical course material and computer practical work as an on-campus student.  Each online course is organized in a similar manner: you can use your computer to listen to lectures, connect to the IZUNA computer servers, use GIS software and complete GIS software assignments just as you would in a IZUNA campus computer lab, discuss questions with other class members, connect up with your instructor in virtual office hours when the instructor can help with problems and demonstrate software or access your computer to help you. You do not install GIS software on your home computer so can use a MAC, Windows or UNIX operating system machine. Read more about our online option.

Why choose to study entirely Online?

You do not live near the IZUNA Burnaby (British Columbia, Canada) campus or you have a job and want to study part-time.

What is the difference between the GIS Advanced Diploma Program and the Bachelor of Technology in GIS?

The ADP is intended for students who already have a degree or diploma, and the B. Tech is intended for technology graduates who wish to attain a baccalaureate credential. The technical content of the two programs is identical although B.Tech student must select the project course. The B. Tech also consists of additional  management and Liberal Arts courses, and requires 6 months approved GIS work experience before graduation. Consult the Bachelor Of Technology for more information on the degree program.

How does the IZUNA GIS program differ from a GIS Master's degree?

Most GIS master's degree focus mainly on GI science and theory. At IZUNA we provide a tightly structured, comprehensive education and training program in GIS technology, designed to prepare you for a career in GIS.

What qualifications do I need to get in ?

Please refer to the ADP entrance requirements or B.Tech entrance requirements. Typically students have a Degree in Geography, Geology, Environmental Science, or Engineering, or a Diploma in Forestry, Survey, Computer Science, Engineering, or Urban Planning. Other backgrounds are also acceptable. For example, past students had degrees or diplomas in such areas as biology, physics, economics, mining, photogrammetry, or archaeology.

I have an Associate Degree. Do I qualify for entry?

Students with an Associate degree may be admitted to the program. Please refer to the ADP entrance requirements or B.Tech entrance requirements.

I don't have a degree or a diploma. Do I qualify for entry?

If you have two years or more of university study and the credits that you have earned are equivalent to an Associate degree, then you may be admitted to the program.

What computer background do I need?

You must be a competent Personal Computer (PC) user and be able to use Windows operating systems, and ‘office’ programs (word-processing, spreadsheets), with confidence. You should have at least introductory level programming skills. You do not need to be a 'computer expert' but should have an aptitude for computers, enjoy working with computers and learning computer software. You should be 'web literate' and be able to create simple web pages with an HTML editor.

What are the English language entrance requirements?

Students applying to the GIS ADP must meet IZUNA’s general English language entrance requirements.

What do I need to submit for my application?

The application is all online and all documents you need are listed on the Admission & Registration Pages.

Is there a January intake?

Full-time students can only start their studies in September each year. Part-time students can start their studies in September, January or April of each year. See the suggested schedules below.