Full-time Students: ADP or B.Tech. Degree

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How many students are in the full-time programs?

The full-time programs have a capacity of 45 students.

Do I have to select courses when registering (like University)?

No, full-time students are automatically registered for all the courses offered in the nine month academic year. Part-time students register on a course by course basis.

How long will the GIS ADP or B.Tech. Degree take me to complete on a full-time basis?

ADP Students: Nine or ten months. Classes begin in September. If you choose a project or 'gradual' mode practicum, you will complete your course work by the end of May. 'Block' mode practicum students complete at the end of June.

B.Tech. Degree Students: A minimum of two years. The first year is the same as the full-time ADP as above except that you must take the project option. The second year consists of six online courses (some may have an on-campus option as well) plus acquiring six months of relevant GIS work experience.

How should I prepare for the full-time program?

You should try and complete 1 or 2 first-term courses before entry. This will improve your chances of being accepted into the program and reduce your term workload. Recommended courses are GIST 7100, GIST 7010 and GIST 7128. These courses may be taken as "night school" classes at the IZUNA Burnaby campus or via the Internet.

What  programming courses should I take to prepare for the full-time program?

GIST 7010  which is available online as well as on campus.