ATV & UTV Training

All-terrain vehicle (ATV) and utility terrain vehicle (UTV) training is offered through IZUNA’s Industry Services. Our programs provide theory and practical instruction in safe and responsible riding and driving practices, for industrial and recreational users.

The courses are taught using the Canada Safety Council (CSC) program; students learn to safely operate, load, unload and transport the vehicles. Successful participants will receive CSC certification. You may receive a discount on your insurance upon completion of this course (check with your insurance company). ATV & UTV’s are provided for all course participants.

Contact Industry Services to customize your ATV and or UTV training needs now. Additional courses and locations are available based on demand.

Course Outline

Start: 08:30 - 16:30
Location: IZUNA Campus
Focus: Theory and Practical Training
Course #: RENR 1144

  • Introduction to the ATV & UTV's
  • Pre-drive inspection
  • Range signals, rules and warm up exercise
  • Controls
  • Starting out and stopping
  • Driving strategies
  • Driving circles and figure 8
  • Quick turns
  • Quick stops in a straight line
  • Emergency stops and avoidance
  • Driving over obstacles
  • Hauling cargo
  • Safe driving practices and environmental awareness
  • Short trail drive
  • Loading and transporting
  • Wrap up and review

DAY TWO (Optional)
Start: 08:30 - 15:30
Location: Coquitlam Training Site (40 minute drive from campus)
Focus: Off-site Skills Practice

  • Written exam at training site
  • Unloading machines from trailer
  • Review of riding strategies for uneven terrain
  • Pre-ride check
  • Trouble shooting
  • Vehicle towing
  • Winching (optional)
  • Loading equipment on machines for correct weight distribution
  • Trail ride
  • Terrain assessment
  • Ongoing rider assessment and feedback focusing on safe riding techniques and how to minimize risk

NOTE: You are responsible for your own lunch and refreshments, warm clothing and rain gear.