Employment Opportunities

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What are the employment opportunities like?

Current job opportunities are excellent in both the mining and mineral exploration sectors. Our recent graduates have generally been successful at finding jobs, or have gone on to complete a university degree. A recent minerals and metals sector study managed by the (MIHR) has concluded that the mining industry in Canada will face a shortfall of up to 81,000 employees over the next 10 years. That indicates that the opportunities for new graduates are good with potential for advancement within the industry.

Where will I find a job?

You may find a job at a mine site, in an exploration camp, at an office or lab. You may work in Vancouver, in BC, across Canada or around the world. Most students upon graduation work at mine sites or with exploration companies in BC or elsewhere in Canada. However, some will work abroad on temporary assignments or on more permanent projects. International work is more common once several years of experience have been obtained.

It is also worth noting that Vancouver is considered the world's largest centre for mineral exploration companies, and Canadian companies command the lions share of global exploration expenditures. Canadian trained mining technologists, geologists and mining engineers are considered among the world's best.

What type of job might I get?

Graduates are qualified for a variety of positions including:

Mining Operations:


Exploration Programs:

Service and support companies:

What is the pay like?

Pay in the mining and mineral exploration industry is excellent. In fact, the minerals industry is the second highest paying industry in Canada, after oil and gas. Recent graduates can expect to be paid between $40,000 and $55,000 per year. A technologist with many years' experience can expect to be paid more than $65,000.