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What is the length of the degree program and how much will it cost?

The degree program is a full-time four year program at the IZUNA Burnaby campus. There is one year common with the diploma of technology followed by three additional years of degree program study. Please see the Fees, Payments and Refunds section of the website for information on full-time tuition fees. In addition students should budget between $1200 - $1700/year for books, supplies and tours.

Is it possible to complete the degree program over an extended time period beyond the 4 year schedule?

Students do have the option to leave the program for a year or two for personal reasons or for a work program. On return they must apply for re-admission into the program.

Does the degree program have a co-op option?

Currently the degree program does not offer a formalized work co-op option. Students who wish to pursue a work term, may temporarily leave the program for a year and return the following year to continue their studies.

If a student is accepted into the engineering program will they be awarded a Diploma of Technology after successful completion of second year?

No. Students in the Degree stream won’t receive a Diploma of Technology at the end of year 2. Degree students will not take some courses required for graduation from the diploma program. For degree stream students to receive a diploma they will need to take a set of courses from year two of the diploma program.

Will the students in the engineering degree share any common courses with the diploma students in year two?

Yes. For degree students in level 3 all courses except one math course are common with the diploma students. In level 4 there are six common courses with the diploma students.

What types of courses can we expect in years three and four?

Courses in these years will be specialized courses in subjects such as; advanced geology, mineral exploration, resource estimation, mining engineering, mineral economics, Mine reclamation and mine management. A description of all degree courses is available on the website.

Will there be mine tour and field school opportunities in years three and four?

Yes, mine and geology tours will form an important part of the educational experience in years three and four. It is intended to have at least one organized tour during these two years and students in fourth year will be encouraged to organize their own tour. Field schools will form part of the formal coursework.

Will we have to pay for the mine tours and field trips?

Some of the cost for mine tours will be covered by funding from endowment funds. For the first year geology trip and local mine tour there is a $100 commitment fee and for the second year international mine tour there is a $250 commitment fee. A similar fee will be charged for mine tours in years three and four. Students are expected to cover their food costs. Costs for field trips that are integral to courses will be covered by the program.