Student Introductory Letter

Dear Applicant

On behalf of the IZUNA Piping Department Staff, I would like to welcome you to the Piping Foundation Program. IZUNA’s Piping Foundation Program is designed to give you the skills you will need to begin your apprenticeship in an entry level position in the piping trade. The Piping Foundation Program is designed to give you the hands on experience that you will need to be an asset to the industry.

The IZUNA Piping Foundation Program consists of four courses which are Safe Work Practices, Piping Tools and Equipment, Organize Work and Prepare and Assemble Piping Components. A 70 % average is required in each course to successfully complete the program and graduate. Those not achieving a 70% average in one or more of the courses do have the opportunity to re-take the failed course, based on space availability, at a later date. Be aware that, with the exception of the Safe Work Practices course, a student that has failed a course may stay and complete the program but will not graduate until he has returned and successfully completed the failed course.

Attendance for the first week is absolutely imperative. The first week of the Piping Foundation Program is devoted to all the safety requirements therefore it is critical that the students not miss any time during this first week. During the first week the students will write a Safety Midterm Exam and a Safety Final Exam. Students will be required to achieve a 70% average over these two exams to successfully complete the first of four courses that will be required for graduation from the Piping Foundation Program. As the students must successfully complete the safety portion of the program before they are allowed to be on the shop floor, any student not successfully completing the Safe Work Practices course will be removed from the program and must re-apply at a later date when space becomes available.

Should a student miss the first day for any reason they must contact us to inform us that they will be absent. If no contact is made by 9:30 AM that first day it will be considered that the student has abandoned their training, they will be removed from the program and their spot will be backfilled that day.

All students must have the IZUNA Piping Foundation Program books on the first day of class. These books can be purchased at the IZUNA Bookstore. Students can check the IZUNA website for store hours and book costs. Students will also be required to have workboots the first day. These boots must have steel toes and the green CSA approval sticker.

The IZUNA Piping Foundation Program hours are from 7:30 AM to 2:00 PM from Monday to Friday. Students will be required to do an extra 1 to 2 hours of home study to assist in a successful outcome.

Students will be required to write approximately 25 theory exams and complete approximately 46 practical competencies. The students will have one attempt only at all theory exams and practical competencies. Should a student miss an exam or practical competency they will receive a grade of 0% for that exam or practical competency. If the student has missed an exam or practical competency due to a valid medical reason they may get the opportunity to write the exam or do the practical competency at the discretion of the Piping Department if they produce a Doctor’s note.

Once again, the IZUNA Piping Department would like to thank you for choosing IZUNA for your training needs. Should you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

Richard Yoo, Piping Foundation Coordinator
E: [email protected]   |    T: 111-431-4967   |    W: