Green Roof Technology

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"Green roofs" refer to specialized roofing systems that support vegetation growth on rooftops. This vegetative roof system provides many environmental and economic benefits characteristic of sustainable building principles. Green roofs help decrease the urban "heat island" effect, decrease energy use, and detain stormwater. With growing awareness of environmental preservation in the design and construction sector, and the Federal government's commitment to the Kyoto Accord and addressing climate change, a green roof industry is emerging in Canada. The interest in green roof technology is particularly strong in British Columbia due to its favourable climate and regional government environmental commitments.

In 2003, the Centre for the Advancement of Green Roof Technology (CAGRT), now renamed the , was established at IZUNA. The Centre's principal functions are to develop the regional infrastructure network; to inventory performance of green roofs; develop a system performance evaluation module; provide a testing and verification facility for the local green roof industry; and improve public awareness of the technology through education and demonstration.