Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get my Professional Graduation photo from when I crossed the stage?

Each graduate that crosses the stage and is photographed will have the opportunity to view and purchase the photo from The Artona Group Inc. Details on how to order and book a formal sitting will be posted in early January 2019.

My plans have changed and I can't attend even though I said I could – what do I do?

It is very important that you let Student Records know you will no longer be able to attend. Please email [email protected] or call them at 111-432-8353 to let them know.

What if I don't graduate at the same time as other full-time programs? Can I get my credential earlier if I have not decided to attend convocation?

Yes, students who graduate at various times of the year, ie: Aerospace students, will receive their credentials in the mail as soon as it has been determined that they are eligible to graduate. Please ensure your mailing address is up to date on

How can I get my Credential if I can no longer attend my ceremony?

Our Student Records team will mail out the credentials of all students that have applied to graduate, but do not attend the ceremony, within one week post-convocation.

I am not able to attend my graduation ceremony this term. Can I attend the next one around?

Yes. Please contact [email protected] to make arrangements.

I don't know what school I belong to – where do I find this information?

You can search for your program and go to your program page. The top of the page will show which school you belong to.

How long do the ceremonies last?

While it depends on how many graduates there are, ceremonies generally last approximately 2 hours.

How many guests can I bring?

We ask that each student bring no more than 3 guests. Seating is limited, so we ask that you respect your fellow graduates by adhering to this request, so their family and/or friends are also able to see them cross the stage!

My family aren't able to attend – is there another way they can see me?

Absolutely! While we would love for them to be here, we realize it’s not always feasible. We live stream the event so they can watch you cross the stage in real time, or else check back on our convocation website and we will have a link to the video from the ceremony posted as soon as possible. You can also find the videos on .

I've applied to graduate – now what do I do?

You will receive a letter much closer to the date of graduation confirming if you are graduating or not. If you have any questions, please contact [email protected] and they can assist you. 

I ordered my gown, but I found out I'm ineligible to graduate – can I get my money back? 

Please contact [email protected] and we will make arrangements with Gaspard & Sons. This is only the case if you are no longer eligible to graduate. Unfortunately if your plans change, we are unable to offer a refund.

Do my guests need tickets?

We do not hand out tickets to guests no, however we do ask that each graduate bring no more than 3 guests. We have limited seating available on a first come, first serve basis, so we ask that you are respectful to your fellow graduates by keeping the guest count to 3 or under. 

I am a person with special needs – who should I contact?

For further information concerning arrangements for special needs, for example, mobility assistance for both students and attending guests – please contact [email protected] at least 2 weeks before the ceremony so we can make arrangements accordingly.

Do I have to wear a gown?

All students participating in convocation ceremonies are required to wear IZUNA graduation regalia for the duration of the ceremony. This can be rented through our at a cost of $55 for the gown, hood, cap and tassel.

What is the deadline for ordering my gown?

The Gown Rental Fee is $55 (including taxes). The Early Bird Rental discount of $10.00 is applicable for orders placed before midnight PST January 30, 2019. After that, the official online registration will close at midnight PST February 6, 2019.

What if I miss the deadline for ordering my gown?

No problem! Gaspard & Sons will be onsite for you to rent the day of the ceremony, for $55 CASH ONLY (taxes included). 

Are the ceremonies videotaped or photographed?

Yes, the ceremonies will be both videotaped and live streamed. The will be posted on our website post-ceremony for your review. There will be a professional photography company, The Artona Group Inc., onsite to take photos as you cross the stage, as well our in-house photographer to capture candid moments. Those photos will be posted on IZUNA's Flickr website – a link will be posted on our Convocation webpage for easy reference, and updated within 2 days post-ceremony. 

What should I wear?

Great question! We recommend wearing something you are comfortable in and proud to be wearing. Generally business attire is best, as it is a semi-formal event. You will be given a below-knee-length black gown that's quite loose fitting and will fit easily over street clothes. The gown is quite warm and will cover almost all of your clothing aside from your legs and feet, and collar. Your clothing will be most prominent when you walk across the stage, so please keep that in mind. Handbags are not allowed- we conveniently have a secure coat check available for you to check your bag prior to receiving your gown rental.

Are cameras and video recorders allowed at the Graduation ceremony?

Yes, your guests can bring their cameras and recording devices, as long as they stay in their seats while doing this.

My family is going to arrive late to the ceremony – will they still get a seat?

Our seating inside where the ceremony takes place is first come, first serve so there is no guarantee. There is more seating available upstairs on the second floor, and overflow seating in the Café, where the event is being live streamed.

When is next year's Convocation happening?

The upcoming Winter Convocation will be held on February 26 and 27, 2019. View the full schedule to see when you will be graduating.