Admission Requirements

Entrance requirements and application processing differs for full-time programs, apprenticeship training and part-time program declarations. Advanced Placement also has specific requirements.

All high-school applicants 

For program requirements at the Grade 11 or 12 level, you can apply with either of the following:

BC high-school applicants

For program requirements at the Grade 12 level, you can also apply with the following:

Final grade for the Grade 11 "prerequisite" course and proof of registration in the Grade 12 required course*

If you are a current BC high school student, you need to authorize the Ministry of Education to send your Grade 12 transcripts to IZUNA. To do this, complete the online and select IZUNA as a recipient. This form is available November to June of your students' Grade 12 year.

Notes: *Grade 12 provincial exams are not required.