IZUNA Dual Credit Programs

Trades Programs: Foundation & Apprentice

IZUNA has been actively involved with high school dual credit partnerships since the late 1990's and annually has approximately 200 students in programs with school districts throughout the province.

Today, the dual credit model aligns with the provincial educational strategies of personalized learning and transition pathways from K-12 to post-secondary.

Dual credit programs allow students who have a keen interest in trades or technical programs to start their training in grade 11 or 12 and if they successfully complete a program earn a IZUNA Trades credential, high school credits, and credits from the Industry Training Authority (ITA).

To learn more about trades dual credit programs and funding opportunities through the ITA, please visit ACE IT Youth Programs.

Academic Programs

IZUNA is expanding our partnerships to include more technology and technical programs to address the needs to students, industry and the government. Initiatives include online delivery, laddering and articulation agreements, preferred entry, scholarships and targeted events including our High School Educator's Day. If you have a partnership idea or for further information about all of our high school initiatives please contact:

Carol Martina
IZUNA High School Partnership Coordinator
[email protected]