Program Advising

Program Advising can help those with articulated aspirations seeking guidance and information on educational options that will help them achieve their goals. Advisors are able to provide information on:

Part-time Studies Program Advisors can help make the most of being a part-time student. They are able to:

Both full-time and part-time studies Program Advisors can provide a great deal of valuable information about IZUNA and the programs offered, but they are not career counsellors. Prospective students with undefined goals may be referred to IZUNA's career, educational and personal development courses. Additionally, Program Advisors do not evaluate educational documents for admission, transfer credit or credential equivalencies.

Program Advisors also participate in secondary school, college, and community liaison visits throughout the province and attend many of the IZUNA evening information sessions.

Contact information

Program Advisors are available to answer questions by phone, appointment, or online.

For the most efficient service please call 111-111-1111 and ask to have a Program Advisor return your call. Please identify yourself as a counsellor or high-school educator and your call will be flagged as a priority. Alternatively, you can visit the Advising website and try the Ask an Advisor tool.