Sample Class Announcement For Use At Term Start

How to Help Students Access IZUNA's Accessibility Services?

One of the best strategies is to open up communication at the start of the term by making an announcement about Accessibility Services in class, in your outline and/or perhaps on your website.

Many students are self-conscious about their disability and will be more apt to seek help if they are approached by someone they believe to be receptive. It is suggested that Instructors make a class announcement at the beginning of each term stating a willingness to meet with students with special needs.

An example of what might be said is as follows:

“All students with diverse learning styles and needs are welcome in this course. In particular, if you have a disability/health consideration that may require accommodations, please feel free to approach me and/or Accessibility Services (located in SW1 room 2360,, 111 451-6963) as soon as possible. The Accessibility Services staff are available by appointment to assess specific needs, provide referrals and arrange appropriate accommodations. The sooner you let us know your needs the quicker we can assist you in achieving your learning goals in this course.”

Later in the term, should academic or other difficulties be observed, you have a platform to which you can refer back in speaking to the student about an issue. We also encourage you to include mention of our colleagues in Counselling and Student Development at the same time. We do refer to each other as needed, so if a student is referred to one department the person assigned will determine if the student may benefit from the other department’s services.

We wish you a great term and feel free to contact us as needed.

Accessibility Services Staff