Step-by-step Process

A request for accommodation can be made by:

  1. Registering for IZUNA program or course(s).
  2. Completing the Student Information Form [PDF] prior to your appointment either by downloading, completing, and emailing to [email protected], or filling out the form in person at the DRC.
  3. Contacting the DRC for an appointment.
  4. Bringing all relevant, current documentation to the appointment.
  5. Meeting with the DRC Voc. Rehab. Specialist to review the documentation, the impact on studies, and the accommodations IZUNA may be able to provide.
  6. Updating your Individual Accommodation Plan each semester.

To allow sufficient time for assessment and implementation of accommodation requests, contact the Disability Resource Centre in a timely manner. Wherever possible, requests for accommodation should be made before the time of acceptance to IZUNA and six weeks before the start of any course or program for which accommodation is sought.

If a request for accommodation is for resources which are not regularly available at IZUNA (such as interpreters, transcribers, alternate format textbooks, or adaptive technology) the request should be made at least four months before the start of the course or program.