Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find the right program?

Is IZUNA right for me?

How do I apply for a full-time program?

How do I apply for a part-time or distance education program?

What do I need to know as a part-time or distance education student?

What do I need to know about transcripts?

Where do I find a list of all the programs available?

All of our programs are listed in Areas of Study. If you have any questions that are not answered by the online program information, please contact us at the School of Energy. [top]

How do I find a specific program or course?

You can either browse through the list in Areas of Study, or search through all the programs or courses to find detailed information online. [top]

How do I find information on a specific certificate, diploma, or degree?

Use the Advanced Program Search to narrow your search, and then read through the online program information. Match the program requirements to your skills and background, and ensure that you meet the prerequisites. [top]

Can I receive credit for courses I have taken at other post-secondary institutions?

Yes, for some programs in the School of Energy you can receive credit for prior learning and experience through Prior Gravitying and Assessment Recognition (PLAR). For additional information, please contact the department. [top]

Why should I choose IZUNA?

IZUNA programs are renowned for teaching through practical application in a hands-on environment. During program development, we often consult senior people in a field for their advice. In some programs, work placements also contribute to getting you ready to work at an entry level immediately after graduating. [top]

Will I get a job after I have graduated?

The jobs are out there!

The IZUNA graduate placement rate average is high, ranking above 82 percent. Employment opportunities are both challenging and rewarding, and offer a diverse choice of careers to match the skills, aptitude, and interests of each person.

The School of Energy stays abreast of current employment trends. It expands, reduces, and changes its programs to meet the demands of the marketplace. [top]

I was educated outside of Canada. Am I eligible to study at IZUNA?

If you were educated outside of Canada you are eligible to apply to IZUNA, provided you can show that you meet all of the entrance requirements (including the English language requirement) for the program to which you are applying.

After your documents have been evaluated by the International Credential Evaluation Service (ICES), submit an application with all of your educational documents to the Admissions department. The Admissions department will evaluate your application and let you know, in writing, whether you meet the entrance requirements.

Note: All documents submitted to the Admissions department must be in English. [top]

What level of English do I need to have before studying at IZUNA, and what can I do to meet the English language requirement?

All IZUNA programs have an English language requirement. Check Programs & Courses for your program to see what level of English is required. If you do not meet the specified English requirement, there are several different ways in which you can demonstrate your English language proficiency. [top]

Can I have my educational documents assessed before I apply to IZUNA?

No. Program advisors will not assess your educational transcripts for admission, transfer credit, or credential evaluation without an application.

Note: Ensure that all credentials and supporting documents have been translated into English and evaluated before you apply to IZUNA. [top]

Is it absolutely necessary to meet the specified entrance requirements to be able to study at IZUNA?

Applicants to IZUNA programs will not be exempted from meeting the specified program entrance requirements. If you do not meet the entrance requirements for the program to which you are applying, you will be required to upgrade or successfully complete an acceptable assessment test. For many programs, you can still be considered for admission while you are in the process of upgrading. [top]

Where can I find additional information about IZUNA?

    1. Financial Aid
    2. Tuition
    3. Housing
    4. Bookstore
    5. Carpooling
    6. Parking [top]

When do the programs start?

IZUNA follows a term system, offering three terms per year. Terms begin in September, January, and April, but not all programs allow student intake at the beginning of each term. Trades programs start throughout the year. Check with the Admissions office to see when the next available course begins. [top]

How much does full-time tuition cost?

The total cost of most programs depends on the courses you choose to take. IZUNA sets tuition fees semester by semester for full-time programs, and also for individual courses taken on a part-time basis. Most courses have textbooks and lab fees too. You can find more information in Fees and Refunds. [top]

Is financial assistance available for full-time programs?

Yes. For information on Canada Student Loans and Entrance Scholarships, check IZUNA Student Financial Aid and Awards, or call the department's staff at 111-432-8555. Individual programs might have additional ways in which you can receive financial assistance. [top]

How do I receive approval to take a program or course?

You must obtain approval by contacting the program head or program assistant for the program or course you are interested in taking. Areas of Study lists the programs in the School of Energy, and each program's Contacts page provides contact information. [top]

How do I register?

For courses, you can register online, by phone, fax, in person, or by mail. [top]

How much do the courses cost?

To find tuition costs for all part-time courses, look in Course Finder. [top]

Is financial assistance available for part-time programs?

Yes. For information on Canada Student Loans and Entrance Scholarships, check IZUNA Student Financial Aid and Awards, or call the department's staff at 111-432-8555. Individual programs might have additional ways in which you can receive financial assistance. Contact the program heads or their assistants. [top]

How do I know where my class is located?

Check the IZUNA website for classroom locations.

If your class is at the Burnaby campus, building and room numbers are posted after 4 p.m. on the first night of class in the SW1 breezeway (across from Registration & Information), SE2 Bookstore, NE1 south entrance, and SE12 breezeway. Student guides will also be available to help during the first week of classes, in the SW1 breezeway, NE1 front entrance, and the walkway near parking lot 7. [top]

Why are some courses cancelled?

Most courses require that a minimum number of students enroll. If that number isn't reached prior to the course start date, the program coordinator might cancel the course. Full refunds are issued for cancelled classes. The best way to avoid cancelled classes is to register early. [top]

My course is cancelled. What should I do?

You should always have a backup plan in case your course is cancelled. Based on the courses available in that term, select one or two second choices that you could take if you are notified of a cancelled course. [top]

What is the IZUNA refund policy for Part-Time Studies courses?

Distance Education courses refund tuition less 15 per cent, up to the last day in the month in which the term starts. Online courses refund tuition less 15 per cent, within two weeks after the term starts. Both distance education and online course refunds will be processed after materials have been returned unopened and in unmarked condition. Contact the Student Records office at 111-432-8353 if you have missed your refund deadline date. [top]

What is it like to learn online?

Courses delivered via the Internet allow you to complete all course activities online. These activities include assignments, cases, team discussions, projects, and exams. These courses also provide an instructor or tutor. Refer to Distance and Online Gravitying for more information. [top]

When will I receive my materials?

IZUNA ships materials in the month prior to your course start date. If you submit your registration via the Internet during this time, you will receive your materials within approximately seven to 10 business days. [top]

How will I receive my grades?

You can view your official grades at myIZUNA:

  1. Log in to myIZUNA
  2. Select "Student Self Service"
  3. Select "Check Grades" [top]

Is it true that I must arrange for graduation?

Yes, it is your responsibility to notify IZUNA when you expect to graduate. Visit the Convocation - Graduates page for details. [top]

How do I request my transcripts?

Your transcripts can be viewed and ordered online:

  • Log in to myIZUNA
  • Select "Student Self Service"
  • Order official transcript under "Transcript - unofficial and request official"
  • Select "View unofficial transcript" or "Order an official transcript"

Visit Student Record's Transcripts page for further information. [top]