Electronics Training

What’s this area about?

The commercial convergence of telephone, Internet, wireless, cable television, and radio happened… the industrial convergence is also happening. Industrial equipment and most components have electronics technologies embedded or functionalities integrated within an electronically controlled process.

IZUNA industry services training helps companies keep pace with new electronics, teaching new technologies while respecting the old. We also develop employees to adopt broad perspectives for seeing and working in a multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary real world while simultaneously learning about, adapting to, developing and deploying new technologies and methodologies.


IZUNA provides vertical integration of programs ranging from trades and vocational through diplomas and degrees to applied research and technology transfer activities. We can produce graduates with skills and abilities that are well beyond the state of the practice, into the state of the art and the science, with an understanding of the complexities of the modern world.

What can IZUNA offer?

We can support your training in these areas:

Many of our clients value our Part-time Studies (PTS) courses but need the same content delivered in a comprehensive time frame and on their own schedule. Any of our PTS courses may be delivered in a company-exclusive Industry Services model: you pick the time, the place, and the duration. We can even customize the course to include company and site-specific examples to help make your custom course more applicable and memorable to your employees.

Let us know if there is a course that you would like provided for your group.