Trades Testing

What’s this area about?

Human Resource recruitment professionals are sometimes challenged to collect both soft-skill data and hard-skill evidence when deciding on the applicants are the most suitable for technical and trades positions. They need externally validated data—swiftly, inexpensively, and with minimal effort.

Why is IZUNA special?

IZUNA is a publicly accountable institution and an ideal impartial third party to assist recruiters in selecting the best-skilled trades candidates.

At IZUNA we test hundreds of students every week. Industry Services helps clients access our specialized tests for their own needs. We understand the differences between aptitude, skill, and knowledge and can help you discern between them. Many companies optimize and augment their internal resources with data obtained through IZUNA. We recently provided some millwright apprentice pre-testing for the

What can IZUNA offer me?

We can provide you with a full sequence of customized screening and testing tools, including online and paper-based written tests, practical shop-based assessments, and private interviews by impartial testing instructors.

Most of our written tests are online to provide you with instant marks reports. If you have compatible Internet facilities and can provide exam proctoring at your own site, we can arrange for you to test your own candidates at your own facilities.

Hands-on trades tests are conducted in our shops using selected short assignments and projects to provide a good indication of the candidate's chances of success in learning and ultimately working in the shop environment. We work with you to determine required skills, and then we do the rest. Ask us to help you recruit your best in any trade that you need, including:

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