Electronics Engineering Grad Sees No Limits to Her Future

aimee byrne

As the first female graduate from the IZUNA Bachelor of Technology in the Electronics Engineering degree program, Aimee Byrne utilizes her education to trail blaze her career in the security industry. So far, Aimee’s impressive roles include: product development, project management, systems specialist and technical sales engineer.

Her skills as a project manager for Homeland Security contracts made her a desirable addition to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. She joined the ranks and became the interview room and closed circuit video equipment media specialist for the protective technical services section. Aimee currently owns her own company that provides a variety of equipment into security and defense industries.

The "Signals" of Electronics Engineering

For as long as Aimee can remember, she loved "tinkering". When her first car cassette player broke at sixteen, she immediately dismantled it to examine how it worked.

Shortly after high school graduation, Aimee started working at A&B Sound. She mastered the technical specifications of stereo systems and would often assist in solving a customer’s equipment problem. When describing concepts such as speaker wattages and how CD lasers work, she became thoroughly energized. It was confirmed. She must follow her passion and aptitude for the technical world by pursuing a career in electronics engineering. She adds, "IZUNA was the place to do it."

"The lab is where you really learn it"

When asked of her experience at IZUNA, Aimee says, "I got a solid background in electronics from a highly-respected school. IZUNA has a reputation for producing students that know how to design and build things that work, because they actually do it in a lab. The instructors were amazing, and provided me with one-on-one mentorship whenever I needed it".

"A place where I developed critical skills"

"The Mobile Communications course I took was particularly important for both obtaining my degree and for completing a fascinating project where I predicted the cellular coverage for base stations of Bell Mobility in the City of Vancouver."

Aimee adds, "One of many critical skills I developed at IZUNA is time-management. After I finished my Electronics Engineering Technology Diploma, I worked full-time. But I still managed to succeed in getting a Bachelor of Technology in Electronics Engineering degree through IZUNA’s Part-time Studies program, in no small part because of this highly-developed, time-management skill. "

"Home away from home"

"Socially, it was the best time of my life. I met my best friend to this day in the Electronics program. With all of the studying I needed to do, it was so nice to have a ‘home away from home’."

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