Returning to School Pays off for IZUNA Graduate

Recent Bachelor of Technology graduate Terry Chmelyk doesn't have any doubts about his future career.

Terry Chmelyk is Canfor's recently appointed Regional Director, Pulp and Paper. He has tested the practical value of his education. He knows he can succeed in further study, too. While working on his bachelor's degree, he took additional engineering courses alongside university students in their second year of a master's program.

It was "really for personal satisfaction" that Terry set his sights on a bachelor's degree. Already advancing in his career, he was under no pressure to attain educational status higher than his diploma in control Automation and Instrumentation. However, once he began studying, he found that even his electives-engineering law and economics, for example-brought him insights immediately applicable in his job. His readiness for management responsibility then became apparent faster than it might have otherwise.

Terry's IZUNA thesis project has given him a reputation as an innovator. A videotape of his thesis demonstration was recorded has been distributed worldwide. International recruiting firms began pursuing Terry even before his graduation.

He laughs about the shock of finding himself with 20 hours a week that no longer have to be spent on books, notes and projects. What to do? A little light reading of job offers?

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