Success According to His Own Schedule

"What I like about the B.Tech. program is that I can take the courses when I want and arrange my time accordingly," says Scott deWaal. When you're married, holding down a full-time job, and renovating a home, that's important. However, although students can take up to seven years to complete the Bachelor of Technology program, Scott says he's almost finished now – a mere three-and-a-half years after he started.

Scott's IZUNA education has been critical to his career success. Coming from small-town British Columbia, he says that his career path was not a straight line. He had no idea what he might do, and spent several years working on construction jobs and traveling before he took some vocational testing that steered him to IZUNA.

From 1997 to 1999, he immersed himself in the IZUNA mechanical engineering diploma program in manufacturing. After graduation, he worked for a wireless-technology company doing mechanical test engineering.

In 2002, Scott landed a job with Teleflex Canada, which is in the business of hydraulic technology and energy solutions. "Basically, cylinders and pumps are what we make," says Scott. He has worked his way up from doing quality control on suppliers' products to his current position as a quality engineer.

Scott spends most of his time on Teleflex's Seastar product lines for boats -- steering pumps, hoses, and cylinders. From time to time he also works on equipment that the company makes for specific manufacturers such as Volvo Penta and Bombardier.

He began the B.Tech. program at about the time that he started at Teleflex, and the program has broadened and deepened his knowledge in important ways. Particularly useful courses have included operations management; human resources, cost accounting, advanced statistics, research methods, and additional background on control systems and troubleshooting.

Scott deWaal's advice for people considering the B.Tech. program? "Be prepared to work hard, stick with it, stay focused, and step by step you'll get it done. Set goals and work to them."

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